What to Write

Finding words isn’t always easy. You want to express yourself and say the right thing but sometimes you aren’t sure what to say or how to say it. We've compiled some thoughts and ideas for you below.   Our hope is to provide some inspiration for what to write...


  • Celebrate them! – share your favorite thing about the person and why you are so glad they were born.


  • Memory – share a positive memory.  Try to include the person you’re sending the sympathy card to.
  • Offer a hug and your shoulder

Get Well:

  • Very ill – empathize with their situation and offer your support (“I can’t imagine what the past ___ days/months have been like for you and I wanted you to know I’m thinking of you. I’m here anytime and available to help in any way that would be useful for you. The way you have navigated your struggles is inspiring. I hope easier days are soon ahead for you.”)
  • Basic illness/hospital stay – State what they have overcome and give a lighthearted get well. (“Whew, I bet you’re glad the tough part is over. Do what the doctor says and get well soon.”)


  • Be real – share a story of your own and how you were encouraged by someone or something.
  • Use your favorite quote and talk about what it means to you


  • Recognize the accomplishment (i.e. You graduated!, You got your first job!, Welcome to your first home!, etc) – offer advice from your life experience.
  • Give them a confidence boost and tell them why they’re great and will do great.

Thank You: 

  • Tell them what they did meant to you – (“Thank you for helping out when I was sick. Having friends like you is rare. It made things so much easier for me to know things were taken care of and I was able to get well more quickly because of your help. You’re a GEM!”)
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