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Alejandro Vinuela Agra

 Alejandro Vinuela Agra Photo

Jano, Alejandro Viñuela Agra (A Coruña, 1979)

I graduated in Fine Arts and joined a scholarship Erasmus in Bergen (Norway), also studied Illustration in Barcelona, at Massana School.

I worked as a graphic designer, cartoonist and illustrator in different companies and fields, from design to textile works and reprography.

Lately I have focused on drawing cartoons published in Bang! Editions, Demo, Autsaider Comics, and above all, publisher illustration for Ir Indo, Alfabia, or organizations such as Barrié Foundation. I´m also an active teacher at graphic narrative worshops, focused on children at Museum of Contemporary Art (A Coruña) or Pontevedra Council.

I won some awards like Injuve (2002), the Certame Ourense (2003) and the Golden Globes (2011). Last year, I was one of the fortunate guests at Viñetas desde o Atlántico comic festival celebrated in A Coruna.

An illustration has to be a reflection of the time that we are living. Professionals must be witnesses of the events that happened around us, and be able to represent the historical moment, looking for the observer´s excitement.

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