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Iris Scott

Iris Scott Photo

Iris Scott
Brooklyn, NY
Iris Scott (b.1984) has received worldwide acclaim for her unique technique of oil finger painting. Working with rich, professional grade paint, Iris has taken this otherwise child’s domain of art-making to new levels. Known best for her iconic shakin’ wet dogs, her repertoire of subjects are varied, however lush movement seems to permeate nearly all her compositions. Iris has been featured in Forbes, Barron’s, CBS, USA Today, American Art Collector, Business Insider, and NowThis. Images of her most viral paintings have even held the top position of Reddit three different times.
Iris’ portfolio is optimistic, colorful, and nature-focused at a time when the Art World is finally beginning to grow old of Minimalism. It seems that the collective consciousness is beginning to shift, and Iris’ work is ahead of the curve as her paintings echo the most important force in the Universe: love.






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