Kathy Behrens

Kathy Behrens Photo

Kathy finds inspiration in the fascinating colors and patterns found in nature and landscapes. She has always been an artist and was fortunate after art school in Michigan to be hired by a major social expression company and worked there for many years. Her experience there and varied assignments allowed her to be comfortable working both digitally and conventionally. The advent of digitally created artwork was challenging and exciting as the ability to try different layouts and color choices presented themselves. One of the challenges she met was to be able to add warmth to an illustration by using textures, patterns and soft edges in her creations.

 She has always been interested in stitchery and handmade work and has created some original embroidered pieces as well as fabric collages with beads and found objects.

Kathy still enjoys the process of actual painting and 3D product creation and is always interested in creative growth and excited by the potential of the next project.

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