Michelle Brusegaard

Michelle Brusegaard Photo

I am Michelle of Made by Michelle Brusegaard, I currently reside in the oh-so-fresh Holland Neighborhood of NE Minneapolis, MN.  I got my BFA in oil painting from the University of North Dakota.  I quickly realized that it pretty much only qualified me to work in an art supply store.  So I did that for a while, cooking up my business after work, learning to screen print, drawing like the wind,  and dreaming of life as a self-employed artist.  My love of pattern and ornament had always shown up in my paintings, so it seemed a natural transition to jump into pattern creation and application on textiles.  I developed my line of stationery and textiles and was able to quit my day job in 2008.  Each design starts with a hand-inked illustration.  My process is very painterly in the sense that I have no formal graphic design training.  I know nothing of vectors or illustrator…I draw, I scan, I print, and lose very little of the slightly uneven, natural line work in the process.


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