Rachel Schafer Designs

Rachel Schafer Designs

I’m an urban walk-loving, secret staircase discovering illustrator + designer based in San Francisco, Ca.

I love to travel and I find inspiration anywhere I go. The cities I visit heavily influence my work along with the wild nature I was surrounded by while growing up in Tennessee. Themes I explore include hand drawn lettering, repeat patterns and abstract art. My impressive client list includes the likes of 826 Valencia, Cost Plus World Market, 18 Rabbits Granola Bars, Virgin America, The Toast and The Rumpus Magazine and I am always looking to add more to my family of work.

I split my time between developing my own ideas for dry goods with my illustrations applied to them and doing brief-based work for my treasured clients. My ideation process typically begins with sketching using gouache, ink, pencil, watercolor and acrylic or any combination of these. I license my illustration, artworks, prints & patterns or sell them outright. I also create branding and design for small business owners, both as part of a team and solo. My early interest in all things visual and the internet led me to study graphic design and fine art, and eventually to move to San Francisco and work in both digital and print design and illustration. In the past I’ve worked with startups, agencies, and small boutique companies both in-house and freelance.

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