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Sarah Angst

Sarah Angst grew up in Winnipeg, Canada. She attended the University of Minnesota Duluth, and graduated with a BFA in Art Education in 2001 after completing her student teaching in Switzerland. She is now an artist and printmaker in Bozeman, Montana.

Angst primarily creates original linoleum block prints. Each of her images is hand carved, hand printed and hand painted in an attempt to display the effortless beauty in everyday subject matter.  She is drawn to the crisp, black outline and loves how it makes her colors seem to pop.

“Printmaking forces me to simplify things; to find the essence of my subject and display it with line and color. With so many distractions in life it is soothing to find something simple and serene, that grabs your attention, quiets the commotion and reminds you to slow down and enjoy the beauty in life.”

From her originals, Angst also makes greeting cards, jewelry, and giclee reproductions.



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