Writing Submissions

Sadly, we do not accept any writing submissions. We do all of our writing in-house.

Art Submissions

Would you like to submit your artwork to Artist to Watch?

We love our artists and have been creating awesome greeting cards from their beautiful work for many years. In fact, some of our artists have been with us since the beginning! We value their contributions to our success, and we value the relationships we have with each and everyone!

We look forward to reviewing your work for possible inclusion in our award-winning stationery lines. We are always on the lookout for wonderful, fresh artistic talent in every media. If you would like to submit your work please follow these guidelines:


We only accept digital submissions. You may e-mail us images for consideration or you may send us your website address for review. Please no Facebook or Flickr accounts. Keep us in a good mood, please make it quick and easy for us!

Please do not send more than 10 and make them as small as possible (jpegs, pdfs or tifs, please!)

Email to: submissions@artiststowatch.com

We DO NOT accept any submissions sent in any other form. If you mail us something it will not be reviewed or returned.

We only review submissions intermittently through out the year. Please be patient. We do reply to every submission, but we receive work from thousands of artists and we are a very small company. Sometimes it may take a long while, sorry!

If we feel that your style compliments the philosophy and creative direction of Artists to Watch, we will contact you for further conversation about working together and creating greeting cards for all occasions.

Remember to always pursue your passion with your artwork, no matter what anyone says!  That is especially true of publishers’ and manufacturers’ opinions…if they were artists, they’d be making artwork instead of cards or widgets.

We wish you all the best in your work and in your life,

Ceci Butler, and all the wonderful folks at Artists to Watch