Nick Wroblewski

Nick Wroblewski

Nick Wroblewski is a Midwest based printmaker specializing in hand-cut wood block prints. His images are depictions of our natural world, carved from large blocks of wood and printed one color at a time. He uses a traditional method of carving away more material as the print progresses, resulting in the eventual elimination of the textured image on the block.

He is very interested in art that is hand hewn, art that shows the “gesture” of a landscape, and art that speaks to the dynamic energy shared between all life.

Currently, Nick has a studio in Viroqua, Wisconsin. His prints can be seen in magazine illustrations, galleries, and art shows. He shows work at galleries in Minnesota, Vermont, and Wisconsin and art shows throughout the country.

Visit Nick's website:

Check out the book Nick Illustrated! "Wake Up, Island"

Author: Mary Casanova

Published by The University of Minnesota Press

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