Patti Ballard

Patti has always been an artist... as a child, she found creative outlets in drawing, tracing, coloring and imitating cartoons from just watching TV. She now considers herself a mixed media artist since she cannot stick to only one medium. She always find new ways to incorporate any new medium possible.

Her themes usually go from quirky realistic to more whimsical and with childlike innocence. She is inspired by all things magical and surreal. Mermaids, angels, fairies, forlorn looking girls with hearts, princesses, and quirky characters are among her favorite subjects mostly in persuit of love, happiness and chasing dreams. She trie to express a sentiment of love, accomplishment and positive feelings in all her paintings. She creates art for the child in all of us.

Patti loves grunge, texture and vintage, and paper is an obsession. She trie to incorporate all of these elements into her art. She is constantly experimenting with new techniques and themes.

She believes that love conquers all, dreams come true and all things are possible if you just believe and never give up. That is my true inspiration.

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